Staff recruitment process

You have decided to join us! Discover our staff recruitment process.


1. I have applied and my application is pre-selected

After sending my unsolicited application or responding to an online advertisement, my application is pre-selected and I am contacted by a recruitment officer for a telephone interview.


2. I meet a manager

My profile is of interest, and I am invited for an interview. This is the moment to explain my background and to show my potential and motivations. I discover the prospects for development within the Group, which may be offered to me. It’s also a good time to ask questions about my future job or the Group.


3. My application has been accepted

I would receive all the documents related to my hiring.


4. On board: I join GEOFIT GROUP

It’s D-Day! I am welcomed by my Manager who accompanies me in my integration. On the day of my arrival, I am given my arrival pack:

  • All my administrative documents (contract, health insurance, provident fund …)
  • A USB key
  • The perfect Geofitter kit

I visit the agency and I’m introduced to the team I’m going to join.

I also meet my Sponsor who can answer my questions at any time.