CSR process

2020, GEOFIT GROUP and its subsidiaries are committed to a CSR labeling process

GEOFIT Group s'engage dans une démarche RSE

Since its creation, GEOFIT GROUP has attached great importance to Quality,Safety and the preservation of our Environment in the development of its service activities. Today, GEOFIT GROUP and its subsidiaries go further and are committed to a CSR labelling process.

DBecoming certified CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) means sending a strong signal..

It means setting up an organisation that takes responsibility for the impact of its decisions and is committed to the sustainable development of its activities:

  • Development of our human capital, diversity, equity and equal opportunities,
  • Occupational Health and Safety and Quality of Life at Work,
  • Involvement of employees in the company’s strategy,
  • The desire to work with our customers over the long term through innovative products and services,
  • Environmental Protection.