Our business


We have the resources in-house to meet all the client’s needs over the life of their project At GEOFIT GROUP, the pooling of know-how and team spirit are essential. You will have the opportunity to work on cross-disciplinary projects and to collaborate with colleagues from other departments, other institutions and even other professions.

Within GEOFIT Group, the following types of experts work side by side:


Expert Surveyors, Land Technicians, Lawyers

Securing property boundaries for individuals as well as for development or infrastructure projects requires a thorough knowledge of land law.

GEOFIT Expert has a team of expert surveyors, land engineers, land technicians and lawyers with experience in securing land rights-of-way for the construction of the Seine Nord Canal or the Le Mans/Rennes TGV high-speed train project, for example.


Topographers, Photogrammeters

Topographic surveyors and photogrammeters are often the first people to be involved in mapping the terrain for any construction project such as a neighbourhood development, road, tramway or airport layout.

GEOFIT Group has a large team of topographers and photogrammeters, from engineers to technicians, who work with the most advanced techniques (Classic Survey Method, Mobile Mapping System, GPS, Lidar, Vertical and Oblique Camera, etc.).

Our teams intervene upstream of the projects but also during the construction phase to implement and control the work.



The measurement business can, in certain circumstances, require to dimension, control, implant, check the dimensioning and the deformations of an object or an infrastructure in a very precise way going from the millimetre to the micron…

GEOFIT works to control the assembly of Airbus aircraft or participates in the construction of the ITER nuclear fusion reactor.


Cartographers, Geomaticians:

To develop the sustainable city, to make a building less energy consuming, to plan tomorrow’s infrastructures, our cartographers and geomaticians build real geographic databases which are essential decision support tools to take the right initiatives, to better adapt, to better respond to different constraints, to manage sustainably and therefore to better prepare our future.

capture_bim manager

Draftsmen, Designers, BIM managers:

GEOFIT, after having secured the land, after having produced the topographic plans and geographic databases, also participates in the construction of structures and infrastructures.

Our draughtsmen, designers and BIM managers carry out execution studies for numerous projects such as the renovation of track 4 at Orly or the T9 and T10 tramways for the Greater Paris development…

Following the field surveys of our topographers, our BIM managers model existing buildings in 3D to build, renovate and manage their maintenance..


IT Developers:

At GEOFIT, IT developers participate in the creation of web and mobile applications that handle geographic information, from the most precise to the most general. Our developers use “agile” methods and innovative technologies.

For example, GEOFIT is developing a 3D visualization portal for LIDAR point clouds or a mobile application designed to track drug seizures anywhere in the world.

GEOFIT developers also work with our innovation department to implement the internal business software required for the acquisition and processing of topographic, photogrammetric and lidar data.

capture_chef de projet

Project managers, engineers:

GEOFIT Group works on large-scale projects, using very different but often complementary techniques and processes. Project management becomes essential to manage these complex, cross-cutting issues.

Our project managers and engineers ensure the success of their services and work in close liaison with their clients to inform them of the follow-up.

They listen to their clients and propose innovative solutions combining quality, efficiency and price of services.

By joining GEOFIT Group, you will have the opportunity to implement state-of-the-art hardware and software and to evolve in a company completely oriented towards a forward-looking vision of its businesses and the world of tomorrow.