COVID 19: GEOFIT manufactures protective visors


GEOFIT joins the initiatives of companies and makers! Thanks to our 3D printers, the Metrology team has launched the production of protective visors. GEOFIT donated around 100 visors to the healthcare teams at the Bretéché clinic in Nantes, France.

n total, more than 500 visors have been manufactured in recent weeks to equip our employees in the field but also to meet the needs of our customers.

A choice of 2 models are available to order:

  • PLA headband (classic use) with anti-projection visor not treated thickness 0.25mm
  • headband in PETG material (medical environment) with anti-projection and anti-reflection visor thickness 0.75mm

Pour plus d’informations vous pouvez contacter par mail Pacharda HEULIN–