Olympic Games 2024: GEOFIT EXPERT brings its land expertise to the Olympic Village and Media Cluster project


Paris and its metropolitan area are preparing to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. New urban developments are planned to accommodate athletes and media from around the world.

The Olympic Village

The Olympic and Paralympic Village will be the flagship of the Games’ urban development project and will be able to accommodate up to 23,000 people. It will extend over 51 hectares on:

  • Île Saint Denis, with an urban development project that will take the form of a riverside eco-neighbourhood.
  • Saint-Denis, with an urban project marked by the presence of 3 strong entities:
    • The City of Cinema
    • Universeine (mixed office/accommodation programme)
    • The old electric substation Ampere
  • Saint-Ouen, with an urban project corresponding to a business park including public facilities (high school, school group)

The Olympic Village is part of a territory that will also undergo profound transformations over the next five years with :

  • The arrival of the Grand Paris Express lines (lines 14, 15 and 16).
  • The creation of the Pleyel crossing on a 350-metre wide railway track,
  • The renovation of the Pleyel Tower,
  • The delivery of Olympic equipment (aquatic centre and renovation of the Stade de France),
  • The completion of an A1/A86 motorway interchange for the Olympic Games,
  • The installation of a noise barrier for noise protection of the A86,
  • the burying of extra-high voltage lines

In this context, GEOFIT Expert was in charge of:

  • The various topographical surveys:
    • topographic surveys on private plots of land to update the existing topographic plan background
    • road surveys over the whole of the Concerted Development Area: mission entrusted to GEOFIT (survey of approx. 24ha)
  • Interior surveys
    • surveys of the interiors of the buildings to be demolished located in the right-of-way of the Concerted Development Area
    • Drafting of interior plans and sections
    • Calculation of useful surface and floor area
  • Land mission the right-of-way of the Concerted Development Area (Saint-Ouen and Saint-Denis)
    • Validation of the current alignments on all the tracks within the perimeter of the Concerted Develoment Area
    • Establishment of a land exchange plan for the right-of-way of the Concerted Development Area (definition of private islands, areas to be classified or downgraded)
    • the demarcation of the extent of Cité du Cinéma

Media cluster

Another project, the media cluster is part of a project for a profound transformation of the territory. Covering an area of 80 hectares, it will extend over 3 communes:

  • Dugny, with a surface of approximtely 40 hecatres,  will be home to a new district of approximately 1,500 housing units, which will be temporarily assigned to accommodate approximately 4,000 journalists during the Olympic Games as a “Media Village”.
  • La Courneuve, a surface of about 24 hectares,  will host the shooting pavilion on the field called “Essences”, before being integrated into the Georges Valbon park in 2025.
  • Le Bourget, a surface area of about 13 hectares, will accommodate
    • the international radio and television centre and the main press centre.
    • the competition pavilion and the volleyball training site.
    • and will enable the city to be equipped with a renewed sports complex at the end of the Olympic Games, capable of hosting a Paralympic hopes

For this second site, GEOFIT Expert was in charge of:

  • Topographical surveys
    • Additional topographical surveys on the Concerted Development Areas extents (municipalities of Dugny and Le Bourget) in order to update the existing plan background.
    • Survey of trees on the Aire des Vents
    • Topographical survey on the T11 tram right-of-way
  • Surveys of the interiors of buildings located within the extents of the Concerted Development Area
    • Plans of the interiors of the buildings on the CEREMA site and the Sports Park
    • Plans of the interiors of a school group
  • Land survey missions
    • Lot Delineation Plans
    • Disposal plans
    • Parcels demarcation